Bodie or Bust

March 1, 2010

Poets of Bodie: Noel Mariano

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Noel Pabillo Mariano is an activist, poet, teacher, Kundiman Fellow and Los Angeles native. He holds a MFA in creative writing from UC Riverside where he helped produce and edit the first national “Coming Out Monologues” and is a PhD candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. His writing can be found in Redactions, Connotation Press, 20 Miles Down and elsewhere. He currently serves as the nonfiction editor of Circumlocution Literary an online journal dedicated to showcasing work from young authors. For more information about arts activism, feel free to visit


For the project, I will be playing with persona and the different aspects of identity (claimed, gender, ethnic, etc. etc.). I will be writing a persona with a persona. I will be writing/assuming the identity of Dr. Percival John, Bodie’s doctor/mortician, since in the era presented, they were often the same thing. And well, I said a persona with a persona. So Dr. John has a hidden persona of Desiree Malone. This fits as my chapbook novella in verse was through the lens of a persona of a young girl dealing with her newly assumed identity as the sole child of her family. That, and I just retired as a performer in the Drag Burlesque group “House of Loca,” there are so many times I can twist my ankle wearing heels before I call it quits.

As for Bodie, I found the materials given to be a little heartbreaking. There’s something comforting about the idea of home and abandoned homes have always been lonely to me. This is why I get a little sad when I see abandoned cars on the side of the freeway. Personas are haunting because it brings up the idea of abandoning one’s self and identity for the sake of another. Ghost towns are left behind for the desire of something more. So I feel that they go hand in hand.


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