Bodie or Bust

March 1, 2010

Poets of Bodie: Charles Hood

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For the project I am representing the literal or metaphoric voice of manifest destiny, which is good, since whenever I meet a Native American I have a compelling urge to set his or her house on fire and to shoot any bison penned nearby. My first book followed John Wesley Powell on his 1869 descent of the Colorado River and the author photo for that book was taken at an abandoned 19th century mining town between Bisbee and Tombstone.

As far as Bodie itself, I have been there a few times; it is not quite the center of UFO magic for me as it is for Nicelle but I do feel at home in the Great Basin, and in a forthcoming book on California places, I wrote the Mono Lake chapter. I also have been an Artist in Residence at a place on the other edge of the Great Basin, the World War Two site of Wendover, on the Utah / Nevada border. In 25 years of travel in the American deserts, I never met a ghost town I didn’t like.


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